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FY25 Appropriations Request Submissions Deadline – TBD

Every year, Rep. Jeffries has the opportunity to submit funding requests for important community projects in New York’s 8th Congressional District to the House Appropriations Committee. 

The FY 2025 guidelines for requesting funding for community projects have not yet been released. As in prior years, projects will likely be restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities will likely be permitted to receive funding. Note that only a handful of projects from each Representative may actually be funded.

Rep. Jeffries presents Elite Learners, Inc. with $750,000 to promote financial self-sufficiency and reduce poverty.

Organizations that would like to apply for FY2025 funding may use the button below. Please note that this page will be updated with further guidance and a firm submission deadline once more detailed information is released by the House Appropriations Committee. Applicants may be asked to provide further information at that time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete/submit this form for each Community Project Funding request you have; you may submit as many requests as you would like. To the extent possible, please provide detailed information regarding the location of your request and designate the agency and account associated with your request. While the House Appropriations Committee has not yet released guidance for FY25 applicants you can review previous years guidance HERE.

Click below to read previous years’ requests: