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Press Release


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries joined members of the Pro-Choice Caucus to mark two years since the disastrous Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  

LEADER JEFFRIES: Good morning. Let me begin by thanking Representative Diana DeGette and Representative Barbara Lee, our extraordinary co-chairs of the Pro-Choice Caucus, for their leadership and for gathering us here today, united as House Democrats in full, complete and unequivocal support for reproductive freedom.

Let me also thank Representative Judy Chu, Representative Kathy Manning and Representative Susan Wild for their extraordinary leadership.

Two years ago, the far-right extreme Supreme Court majority and overturned Roe v Wade and detonated reproductive freedom for millions of American women. The catastrophic decision in Dobbs was just one part of the extreme MAGA Republican plan to impose a nationwide abortion ban, outlaw contraception and limit access to IVF. Today, reproductive freedom is under assault throughout America. House Democrats unequivocally believe in a woman’s freedom to make her own reproductive health care decisions. Period, full stop.

It’s a decision that should be between a woman, her family, her faith and her doctors. The far right’s extreme effort to take away reproductive freedom is unacceptable, unconscionable and un-American. We must stop them, and together we will stop them.

House Democrats will continue to fight for nationwide access to abortion care. House Democrats will continue to fight for access to contraception. House Democrats will continue to fight for access to IVF. We will continue to stand up. We will continue to show up. We will continue to speak up. We will pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. We will pass the Right to Contraception Act. We will pass IVF protection legislation.

We will not rest until reproductive freedom is the law of the land for every single woman in the United States of America.

It’s now my honor to yield to a tremendous champion for reproductive freedom. Our extraordinary Whip, the honorable Katherine Clark.

Full press event can be watched here.