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Press Release


Washington, DC — Today, Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries released the following statement:

The Biden administration’s relentless diplomacy has resulted in a comprehensive peace plan that will secure the release of all hostages, surge humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians, protect Israel’s security, reconstruct Gaza and achieve a permanent cessation of hostilities. The proposal presented by President Biden has obtained the unanimous backing of Israel’s War Cabinet, and was negotiated with the full buy-in of Egypt and Qatar, important Arab partners. Thanks to President Joe Biden, we have a realistic opportunity to bring about a brighter day for Israel and the Palestinian people. 

Hamas must never again threaten the people of Israel. In that regard, the proposed peace plan is designed to cement Israel’s comprehensive military victory, while also ending the war. The establishment of an enduring ceasefire will allow humanitarian relief to reach Palestinian civilians immediately and consistently. With the engagement of Arab partners, the peace proposal will lay the foundation for the massive reconstruction of Gaza and economic development of the West Bank, which is a necessary ingredient to achieve Palestinian dignity and self-determination. 

President Biden’s comprehensive proposal sets the stage for a just and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. It must be accepted by Hamas negotiators forthwith.