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Press Release


Munich, Germany – Today, Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries issued the following statement:

I am deeply saddened and outraged to learn of the reported death of Alexei Navalny, a heroic figure in the epic struggle between freedom and tyranny throughout the world. Navalny was a patriotic figure, fierce critic of Vladimir Putin and courageous freedom fighter for democracy and truth. I am praying for his wife, Yulia Navalnaya, their family and all his supporters during this tragic time. I join Ms. Navalnaya in the call for justice and accountability. 

We must never allow Vladimir Putin and Russia to win. This is not a moment for platitudes and empty promises. It is a time to choose. 

The House must stand with the Ukrainian people in their courageous fight against Russian aggression. Those who do not risk forever being tarred in history as accomplices to Putin’s tyrannical regime. I once again urge House Republicans to join us in urgently passing comprehensive national security legislation to support Ukraine and our other democratic allies throughout the world. The bipartisan national security legislation must be brought to the floor for an up or down vote immediately.