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Democrats: Invest $70 billion to Upgrade NYCHA and Public Housing Across America

NEW YORK, NY – Today, New York Congressional Democrats led by U.S. Reps. Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08), Nydia Velazquez (NY-07), Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Greg Meeks (NY-05), Yvette Clarke (NY-09) and Adriano Espaillat (NY-13), unveiled A Better Deal on Public Housing & Ladders of Opportunity for families in New York City and across America. In the aftermath of a troubling scandal surrounding the presence of deadly lead paint in NYCHA buildings across the city, the Democrats unveiled the $70 billion proposal whose funds could

be used for mold and lead remediation, building repairs, new lighting and improved security mechanisms. The $70 billion investment is part of an overall $1 trillion plan to repair our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Rep. Jeffries said: “Public housing residents have been forced to live in conditions that are inhumane, unacceptable and immoral in a civilized society. It is time for that to change. Every American deserves to live in housing that is safe, decent and affordable, with heat, hot water, functional electricity, elevators that work and buildings that do not subject children to lead poisoning. That is why House Democrats are proposing an unprecedented $70 billion investment in our nation’s public housing.”

Rep. Velazquez said: “When we talk about housing rights, what we are truly discussing are human rights.  And, this Administration’s and Congressional Republicans’ obsession with cutting housing funding – at the risk of kids’ health – represents a moral failing. Democrats are offering a better deal for our public housing residents, our local communities and our entire City that will make needed investments in NYCHA repairs.”

Rep. Maloney said: “Now, more than ever, we need bold federal investment into public housing. With one in 14 New Yorkers living in public housing, Congress needs to step up and provide a greater investment in the health and future of our city. No family should be forced into unsafe living conditions. We cannot accept one more child being put in jeopardy for a totally fixable problem.”

Rep. Meeks said: “It is unconscionable that a wealthy country like the United States has allowed its infrastructure to become so dilapidated that children are being exposed to dangerous levels of lead at home. While this administration’s priorities were best expressed by its budget, gutting HUD of the funding required to fix our public housing, Democrats have put forward a Better Deal, planning to invest a trillion dollars in overdue repairs and improvements. It is time to stop kicking the can down the road; our country and our children cannot afford to defer the costs of maintenance on our infrastructure any longer.”

Rep. Clarke said: “Public housing is a critical part of our nation’s social safety net, providing safe, decent, and affordable housing for approximately 1.1 million families nation-wide and nearly 60,000 units in Brooklyn alone. Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have refused to provide the resources these developments need so that they remain safe, accessible and available for American families. Democrats have proposed a plan that takes a comprehensive approach to funding public housing developments and revitalizing neighborhoods. A Better Deal for Public Housing & Ladders of Opportunity for American Families will invest more than $70 billion over the next five years to revitalize thousands of neighborhoods in New York City and across America.”

Rep. Meng said: “It is unconscionable that NYCHA residents are forced to endure such terrible living conditions that include elevated levels of lead, a lack of heat, and deteriorating infrastructure,” said U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens). “These unlivable conditions are unacceptable and threaten the safety of NYCHA residents. All public housing residents deserve to live in safe and well-maintained housing, and a Better Deal For Public Housing will provide our public housing developments, and the communities that surround them, with the investments they desperately need. I’m proud to stand with my Congressional colleagues in calling for this critical funding.”

Rep. Espaillat said: “New York’s 13th congressional district has the largest concentration of public housing within the entire state. I have visited every NYCHA building in my district and have heard from residents about the needs for new elevators, boilers, windows, and roofs. It remains critical that we continue our efforts to immediately address the long overdue repairs, building updates, unit renovations, and the long-term needs of NYCHA residents. Democrats have a Better Deal, and we are committed to ensure housing remains affordable and accessible for all New York City residents.” 

A Better Deal for Public Housing & Ladders of Opportunity for American Families will invest more than $70 billion over the next five years to revitalize thousands of neighborhoods across the country and bring America’s public housing programs into the 21st century by focusing on the following:

•         Repairing America’s Aging Public Housing

•         Empowering Residents to Fully Participate in and Benefit from the Revitalization Process

•         Ensure Public Housing Agencies Have the Tools Needed for Residents to Succeed

•         Providing Comprehensive Solutions for the Communities Surrounding Public Housing

More details on A Better Deal for Public Housing & Ladders of Opportunity for American Families can be found here



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