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Press Release

Rep. Jeffries Denounces Rise Of Anti-Semitism In The Ukraine

Brooklyn, NY – Today, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) released a letter recently sent to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, Olexander Motsyk, in response to rising levels of anti-Semitism and racial intolerance in the Ukraine that is spearheaded by the fast-rising Svoboda political party.

“Despite the Ukrainian government’s efforts to battle racial intolerance, use of xenophobic language that endorses Nazi ideology by the fourth largest political party in the Ukraine, Svoboda, continues to be disconcerting. It is critical that top governmental leaders and officials recognize the dangers of working with this extremist group that was founded on and promotes anti-Semitism.”

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Click HERE to read a copy of the letter to Ukrainian Ambassador, Olexander Motsyk.