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MSNBC: All In Agenda: Amazon brought straight to your door by a…drone?

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1.  It was day 2 of 2.0.  After a six-week tech surge the site released its new version late November 30th. Shiny new beginnings for Obamacare? We shall see. One thing is for sure, Chris Hayes argues: it’s the beginning of the end of Republican obstruction. Joining Chris Hayes is Brookings Institute’s Dr. Kavita Patel, New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and CEO of the Department of Better Technology, Clay Johnson.

2. For the first time in 30 years, the US struck a substantive deal with Iran. So why are some members in the Senate trying to put the kibosh on the deal by creating a new sanctions bill? Sen. Chris Murphy joins Chris Hayes.

3. The RNC posted this tweet: 

Chris Hayes reflects on the significance and nature of Parks’ protest and of how far we have – and haven’t – come.

4. Amazon products brought straight to your door by a…drone? That’s their hope. It’s a pretty far out idea, but if and when that happens physical stores – the mom and pop shops we grew up with – will become even less attractive. Joining Chris Hayes to talk about the future of retal are Politics Editor at Business Insider, Josh Barro, former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich and MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg.