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Press Release

“The Time Is Now To Fix Our Immigration System”


[[{“fid”:”268″,”view_mode”:”full”,”type”:”media”,”attributes”:{“height”:”672″,”width”:”996″,”style”:”width: 280px; height: 189px; border-width: 4px; border-style: solid; margin: 6px; float: left;”,”class”:”media-element file-full”}}]]“My colleagues and I on the House Judiciary Committee took a first step toward answering the public’s call to advance legislation that will fix America’s broken immigration system.  This is a historic opportunity to protect American workers, promote family unification, improve our border security and address the issue of humane treatment of immigrant residents.

Acting on the message sent by the American electorate last November, our President has set us on a course for action to get comprehensive immigration reform done. As a Member of the Judiciary Committee, I will work hard to make sure that the interests of the diverse constituency of New York’s Eighth Congressional District are well represented in this debate. We have an obligation to reform our fragmented immigration system, create a pathway toward citizenship for the millions of undocumented hardworking individuals who strive to achieve the American Dream and enhance the contributions immigrants have made to our technology and innovation economy.”  

Click here to watch the proceedings of the House Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform: