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Politicker: “Hakeem Jeffries Appointed to House Budget Committee”

Now that he’s arrived on Capitol Hill, freshman Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has been appointed to the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee is chaired by Paul Ryan and, in an email to supporters announcing the appointment, his campaign sounded rather excited about the possibility for Mr. Jeffries to directly tangle with the former Republican vice presidential candidate.

“I have some important news. Congressman Jeffries was recently appointed to the powerful Budget Committee. This committee will again be chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan, and therefore be the battleground in the fight to preserve social security, Medicare and Medicaid,” the email said. “Congressman Jeffries will fight hard to save these programs.”

Mr. Jeffries has also been appointed to the Judiciary Committee. In the email to supporters, his campaign said they expect he will be able to “address pressing issues such as gun violence prevention and comprehensive immigration reform” as part of the Judiciary Committee.