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A.     What is a federal grant?

A federal grant is a class of economic aid that is awarded by a federal agency in order for the recipient to execute some project or initiative that furthers the public interest. It is financed by general federal revenue, and it does not include the acquisition of property or services for the direct benefit of the federal government.

B.     Who qualifies for federal grants?

There are a variety of different eligibility requirements for each grant, and potential applicants should review the prerequisites to qualify for a grant in the Applicant Eligibility section of the Catalog program description. It is not uncommon for applicants to amend their original grant proposals to accommodate the eligibility requirements articulated in the program description, and any questions regarding eligibility can be directed with the appropriate program officer.

C.      How can I apply for a federal grant?

The first thing to do as a potential federal grant applicant is to identify a prospective grant opportunity to apply for. Reviewing the Objectives and Uses of the program description can help applicants match up the goals of their project with sources of funding that have similar objectives. Search Grants and CFDA Program Search are both useful search engines for this purpose. Next, download the Application Package and complete the Registration Process. For troubleshooting, Applicant FAQs and Applicant Resources can be helpful.

D.     How do I request a letter of support from Congressman Jeffries’ office for my application to a federal grant program?

Congressman Jeffries supports New Yorkers who are competing for federal grants. Any constituent who plans to apply for a federal grant can request a letter of support from the Congressman, and our office will be in touch with you.